Roof is exposed: electrical work can start

The roofing contractors finished removing all the foam, tar and gravel from the roof, clearing the way for the electricians to start the rough wiring and add the extra circuits we needed to bring this house into the 21st century.

Good news is that with the exception of one or two planks, the wood is mostly healthy.

The roof covering, made up of sprayed foam, tar and gravel had been applied directly on the ceiling wooden planks, covered with one single layer of hard insulation – it does not get much simpler than that. These Eichler roofs have no ventilation or utility space. This means that to lay new electrical wires across the house you either need to tear the roof covering or to run wires on the ceiling in the house… none of these options are satisfying. This is why a re-roofing is a unique opportunity to add electrical capacity.

Now the electricians need to rush to lay all the new circuits ASAP so we can cover back the roof. They cannot forget anything as once the new roof cover (pool liner cut to measure at the factory) is on it will be sealed. Forever. Or so I hope!

Let’s cross fingers that we will not get any rain in the next few days…

As simple as it gets: no utility space, electric wires are buried in the insulation and pool liner directly laid on top.

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