Disclaimer: this is not a restoration!

  • This blog is not a “how-to” . It’s merely the logbook of our remodeling experience.
  • I do not pretend to know what I’m doing. As a matter of fact, I could barely hold a hammer when all this started…
  • This doesn’t pretend to be an Eichler restoration. Just a cheap (hmmm… all this is relative…) remodel, with an effort to respect the original contemporary lines and bring back some modernism in the house. The house had lost most of its Eichler characteristics and whatever was left was beyond repair (the famous mahogany panels had been spray-painted in a creamy color like everything else, flooring was mouldy and buried under carpets or tiles).┬áKeep also in mind that back in 2004 in the Bay Area it was extremely difficult to find any affordable modern-looking supplies and furniture: many trade-offs had to be reached; the Eichler popularity had not completely gone mainstream.
  • This house was a “meat-and-potato” Eichler style: the cheapest and simplest floorplan the company offered, without any of the most striking Eichler and mid-century features such as the atrium. What it had going for itself though was modern, simple, clean and well-proportioned lines.
  • This blog is not entirely live. It’s really a travel back in time.