This book spared me some embarassment

I would strongly recommend you pick up the “Home Improvement 1-2-3” book by Home Depot if you do not have much experience with tools.

I know. You’re dubious about trusting Home Depot when it comes to writing books. Believe me, they got it right there. I particularly like the fact that they have a dictionary with pictures of all the tools. Now I can finally go to the store and ask for tools by name. What a relief! (have you ever tried to describe to a vendor “that tool that kinda of look like this and you use for this and that”?).

Some people dismiss it as not detailed enough. They’re not entirely wrong – it is quite high-level: general steps, tools etc. But the photos are quite informative and you get a good feeling of the work involved in such or such task – very helpful for planning and deciding whether or not you’re ready to take up the work on your own. When you need actual details, you can always ask your favorite contractor, a friend, or the Internet.

I wouldn’t recommend the book on bathrooms from the same collection though – it adds little value over this one.
Oh, and the price is right too (I suppose it’s main intent is to fuel the purchase of tools and material from HD; not to generate revenues).

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