Roofing options for Eichler homes

As the roof has to be replaced I started investigating about my options. The best source of information for this is, once again, the Eichler Network. They have a great article about roofing.

This foam stuff sounds like a very funky 1970’s option. I think I’ll go with the single-ply Duro-Last (also known as “pool liner”) – checking with some flat-roof owners in the area, but also in Europe, this seems to be the most sensible option. I have identified three companies and will get bids for the job.

An interesting thing that emerged during my quest for the best roofing option was the electrical question. Indeed, Eichler homes have no crawl space and no attic. So the electrical wires run straight on the eaves, under the roofing material. Obviously a nightmare when you want to upgrade – you need to open the roof to access the cables; provided you know where they are! This explains for the mess of wires you can see on some Eichlers: people just take a shortcut and run the cables around the walls or on the roof. Bottom line: if you remove the roof you have to take this opportunity to upgrade the electrical..

I guess I also need to find an electrician now…

Note: you may wonder why this blog is subtitled “Adventure in DIY remodeling” if I’m going to get contractors to do everything. Well, Duro-last is cut to measure at the factory and requires a certified installer for warranty purposes a professional installation, and the re-wiring will have to happen very quickly while the roof is off. I need help here! My turn will eventually come…

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