… time to get into some demolition action! I will start by tearing off the kitchen this week.

Just went to Home Depot to pick up the tools I’ll need:

  • crowbar
  • hammer
  • reciprocating saw
  • cold chisel
  • protection gear: glasses and gloves

I picked up a Ryobi 18V cordless kit (reciprocating saw, circular saw, driver/drill, flashlight). Will probably not last too long, but what do you expect at this price (less than $200)?

One year later: was this kit the right choice?
It definitely wasn’t a bad choice: all the tools are still in working order despite numerous abuse and intensive use. That by itself is quite a performance. One of the batteries is dead though (shows full charge after 2 minutes on the charger and then runs out in less than 5 minutes of use).  
I have no complaint on the reciprocating saw – great tool. The driver is a little heavy on the wrist and doesn’t have a great balance. The circular saw was useful on the outside wood sidings and to crimple studs – but don’t expect to be able to go through solid wood with it. I ended up buying a corded one.
All in all, this kit is decent. But it’s a minimum for serious work. And anything less than 18V is definitely not an option.
If I had to replace these tools now, I’d probably go for something like a Bosch combo – but it’s at least twice the price of the Ryobi!

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