The Plan

So what’s the plan with the house? The Plan is pretty simple: remodel everything. And do as much as we can ourselves (because budget is an issue). I guess it’s called optimism – or maybe plain stupidity.

What will be in this blog?

This blog will capture all the phases of the remodeling: before, during, after. I’ll try to sprinkle a few hard-learned lessons here and there (who knows, it might prevent someone from making the same mistakes one day…), provide info on tools, suppliers and techniques.

How to read this blog?

Check out the right-hand side navigation bar – posts will be categorized so that you can go straight to what you’re interested in (ex: bathroom, or tools).
Or do it the “old-fashioned” way: inĀ chronological order.


Make sure to check the disclaimers.

I’d be curious to hear from you if you find these pages to be of any interest. Leave a comment when you have a chance!

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