A Travel Back In Time

This blog is really a travel back in time. When we got the house (June 2004) I didn’t have a blog ready. And as soon as I started remodeling I got sucked in a black hole – I could barely find time to sleep, let alone setup a blog and start using it! So notes and photos started piling up on my hard-drive. It was not until June 2005, with the critical sections of the remodeling behind us, that I was finally able to start blogging. It will take me several weeks to publish all my posts and catch up with the backlog. At which point I should be able to start blogging “live” – something I sure look forward to.

The house when we bought it
The house when we bought it in 2004. All that was visible from the street was the garage as the rest was hidden being overgrown bushes.
Eichler in Sunnyvale
The house when we resold it, in 2009

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